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    When the Club had the opportunity to build an entirely new complex in 1995, it created some of the finest facilities for sport and recreation you can find.

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    The Club presently has approximately 3,500 members, which, with spouses, partners and children, gives a total of some 10,000 users.

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    About HKFC

    Our name reflects our origins and distinguished one hundred and thirty years plus history as a club for playing Association and Rugby Football.

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  • Netfest 2021 Reports

    Netfest 2021 Reports

    10 Nov 2021

    From the Conveners

    It has been a smooth start to season 2021-2022. We began the season holding our internal team trials and then opened up the trials to those who had been waitlisted with the HKFC JNA. Amazingly we had over 70 interested potential players to join our Monday and Wednesday training sessions. Our team structures are now all full, and we are looking forward to our new look kit arriving and the beginning of the autumn HKNA competition.

    As a warm-up to the season, the HKFC JNA participated in NETFEST HK 2021. Well done to all our players who participated and thank you to Aqru Chan, Beauella Purcell, Hannah May, Rachael Alsop and Kath Ellis.

    Rebecca Thompson and Mary Vlogianitis

    U12 WHITE

    Signalling the start of the season, ”Netfest” proved to be somewhat of a baptism of fire for our newly promoted Under 12s - many of whom had just tipped over from under 10s. Needless to say, at this age, the 2-year height differential can seem quite daunting. With reference to our opponents, several comments along the lines of “but they’re giants!” could be heard before we took to the courts! This, combined with the scorching heat, always meant it was going to be a challenging day at the courts. The girls got off to quite a shaky start. Remembering to find space was a particular challenge and the shots on goal were largely misfiring. However, to their credit, the girls were not disheartened. They listened well to feedback and as the competition progressed, they began to find their groove and the net! They managed to sustain their energy levels which was no mean feat, given the heat - helped in large part by copious amounts of frozen pineapple! A great time was had, and the girls were delighted to finally be back on court. Whilst they didn’t bring home any silverware, their confidence has grown and they went home with a valuable experience that will stand them in great stead for the season ahead. All in all, an enjoyable day out!

    Beauella Purcell

    U12 BLUE

    U12 Blue aka Lightning (and with a few extra players) had an amazing Netfest and ended up winning the U12 category! Despite the heat, we had a fantastic effort from all the girls and were able to win all our round robin games, ending the day undefeated. With a mix of some younger players and others with more experience, the team did a great job in coming together quickly and learning to work with each other on the go. Everyone was extremely supportive of each other and were flexible in their playing positions, with some players discovering some new positions that they’re interested in. Huge thank you to all the parents that were helping out with drinks, photographs, ice and more! With an amazing start to the season, we hope this success carries on into the JNL season!

    Aqru Chan

    HKFC U14

    What a start to the season for the U14’s. In the first game, we lost to pirates, but the team was getting to know how each other played with a mixed team of U14’s. Every match after the team grew in confidence and played to each other's strengths. Rachel had her eye in with most shots going in. Sara’s defence in the circle was outstanding, tipping and turning over the ball. I was proud of all the players on the court. The team and coach were very Happy with 3rd place!

    Rachael Alsop

    HKFC U16

    The annual Netfest tournament is a short and fast format where the girls play 4 games with 2 x 7 min halves. We combined our U16 teams and created a fantastic team especially for this event. It’s great fun and gives the girls a chance to play out of their usual positions and try something new. Armed with an esky full of ice and heaps of water, the girls battled it out in the heat. They played, among others, rivals HKCC, SCAA and Sai Kung. Bridie Benfield and Hannah Smeets were fantastic in defence, Ruby Sylvester and Emma Harries brilliant in centre court and Iris Peel popped in goal after goal. A warm welcome to new-comer Sienna Park who is a fantastic asset for our U16s. Welcome Sienna! Well done girls. A great fun start to the JNA netball season.

    Kirsty Hulme